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6/5/04 at Sacramento

Final score: Storm 65 – Monarchs 63 (W) (4-2)

Attendance | 7094

Submitted by | StormFan7

Driving to our hotels there were two bail bonds places right down the street. I thought we were going to need them at certain points tonight.  
Scowl (who just happened to be on our flight) pointed out a Costco oops I mean Arco Arena to WNBAFanForever who also came to the game.  

They didn't have our rooms ready so we sat in the bar and had a beverage or three. Saw Elise and told her Eclairs message (this was already posted).  
Also, Trinity and I had a pillow fight in the hotel room and I won.  
Game Time

You know how when one team has 3 fouls and the other 6 the refs will call 3 quick fouls to make it even? Well, these refs saw the score and decided to make that even. There is no way that we had as many offensive fouls as we were called for. And Sacramento got away with A LOT. They are a whole team of fish and the flop on both ends of the court.  
With the fouls thing said, we got way too comfortable with our lead and didn't play Storm ball. This is what has happened to us in many games and cost us a few.  
Memorable Moments

Ticha was shooting free throws at the end and the whole arena was quiet as she shot the ball I yelled "MISS" as loud as I could and she did. Everyone in our section turned around and glared. I was quiet most of the game but from that point on I wasn't.  
With .9 seconds left we were up 65-63. As I took a photo of the scoreboard my hand was shaking because I was so nervous about that .9 seconds. Jenny was jumping up so much when Sac called time out after that Lennox shot. It was really nice to see the coaches get excited.  
The Curse is over.

It is so hot in Sac that you need to leave your bunny-hug at home.  
I am so proud of this team for keeping their composure and not letting Sacramentos runs get the best of them.  
In the first half DeMya went Matrix on LJ and jumped over her and almost kicked her in the head. No foul was called but there sure should have been.  
I can't wait to watch this game again because to me almost all our defensive fouls had our players upright with their hands up and a Sac player flopping. Can it be so?
Betty Lennox: As positive as some of the things she does are she still has to work on all the negatives. She palmed the ball many times and was called for it once or twice. And she needs to stop lowering her shoulder because the refs are calling it on her every time.  
Kamila: The poor girl gets called for stupid stuff EVERY game. She did not have 6 fouls.  
Brilliant helped us win this game.
We went out to celebrate and the Grecos showed up. They said they would be in Seattle sometime soon.