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6/19/04 at San Antonio

Final score: Storm 74 – Silver Stars 61 (W) (8-2)

Submitted by | Storm Fan in Comets Land

Attendance | 8558
Game Highlight | Late in the game Large Marge blocked a shot from Sam under the basket and the ref's called jump ball. Sam laughed and looked like she thought they were crazy. Marge won the jump, but she tipped it to B- Money, so being tall isn't everything.
V-rules and I got to the airport just in time for our flight.
I am spoiled with SW airlines flying all over Texas and I hate driving, so we took the 45 mintue plane instead of the 4 hour one way car trip.
To everyone who told me the SBC Center is out in the middle of nowhere. You were right.  And for anyone who goes in the future, get a hotel by the airport as the hotels by the SBC are about a 2 on a 1-10 scale.
This is for Scowl and Mr Admin who take most of the photos shown on this site. I have a Canon Rebel 2000. The SBC people do not let you in with a camera that has a detachable lens. You have to check it at guest services and pick it up after the game. Yeah, like I was going to do that. I went to guest services and asked to speak to someone else and the guy relented and said you can take it in, but only take pictures before the game, halftime and after the game. So what was the point of even having a camera? He said they really only let throw away cameras in the SBC center. A friend from Houston tried using hers during the game and an usher came running up and made her put it away. Total BS. Plus you have to have your ticket with you at all times if you leave your seat. After a potty break, I tried to get back to the seat and the same lady usher who showed me where my seat was asked to see it again. So, I had to dig it out.  
Anyway, it was the large Marge show for the first few minutes of the game. I think she scored SA's first 6 points, but then she cooled off and wasn't a factor.  
I think this game was really a scrimmage to warm up the Storm for playing Houston in the Key on Tuesday.

It's not even worth writing about except to say that we won.  
Quote from a forum post made by Eclair:

I'm thinking that the best part of this game is after halftime when David Locke discusses the conversation he had with a mysterious stormfan named "Peg," who lives in Houston, and whom he saw last night, and who also drove all the way to San Antone to see our stormies. Way to go, SFiPeggySueL! D. Locke and I will see you really, really soon
Thanks Eclair. What happened was I met  Elise during the Houston half time spot and then spoke with her at halftime during the SASS game. David walked up when we were talking and introduced himself and looked very surprized that I came up from Houston. I said "You don't have a clue how many Storm fans drive from Portland to see every Storm home game and how many Storm fans there are across the US and abroad who listen to you and Elise do the games on the radio".
Again, V-rules and I were sitting behind the Storm  
bench. But we had about 20 occupied seats between us.
AD looked  happy to see us again. And I was sitting with two people from Houston that we'd met at the Houston game that made the trip also.
My signs for this game were: Storm Road Warriors and  
Seattle's Road Trip Sweep. We thought about taking little whisk brooms and waving them in the air, but we didn't have a car and didn't see any stores around the SBC.
Quote from a news article:

Bird engaged?  
Michael Hernandez, an 11-year-old fan from Arlington, Texas, playfully proposed to Bird before Saturday's game and she accepted. Hernandez actually asked last season via a colorful sign, but Bird wondered where her ring was. Hernandez returned Saturday with a plastic ring that flickered a red light, which Bird wore until taking the court to warm up.  
The family all wore professionally made "I love Sue" T-shirts in the Storm's green, gold and red. Several other fans at the SBC Center either had their own version of the shirt or waved signs with the sentiment.
I didn't see him give Sue the ring but, my seat was next to this little boy and his family. He not only had the red blinking ring he gave to Sue, but he and his mom made a huge ring that he wore around his neck. It was so big it looked like one of those lights that doctors wear on their heads with the reflective mirror at the forehead.

I asked him what it was about Sue and he said in a very shy voice "She's so pretty". I said are you sure it's not all the money she must make, and he said "No, I really like her." I said isn't she too old for you and then he just leaned into his mom and hid his face, he was so cute.  
Also, Sue's dad was at the game. I guess because it was Father's Day weekend.  
With parting words, I will just say that I am glad the Storm dosen't play in the SBC again this year as that place is the pits. Well, the arena is good, but the camera policy and ushers have to go.