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7/27/04 vs Houston Comets

Final score: Storm 55 – Comets 80 (L) (15-8)

Attendance | 6663

Fan Psyche | Since I consider myself a Storm Fan in Comets Land, I felt very alone. Here was my team (Storm) playing in my hometown, but I was seriously missing my StormFans family. I felt as alone as the team did. I realized how much fun the games are in Seattle and that I need to move there.

Game Highlight | The Comets also stand until they make their first basket - this did not happen until 16:17 left in the first half when Snow hit a free throw. Ha!.

Game Highlight II | Something new the Comets just started doing is this: the fans hold their arms straight up in the air while the other team shots a free throw. I am not sure what this is susposed to accomplish. I made a quickie sign that read "Raise your hand if you love the Storm" and held it up when ever they did have their arms in the air.

I took this day off from work and was still running late to the game. I made sure I had film for the camera and headed off to the Toyota Center. I pick up my ticket from will call - it's the Jilly seat of the Toyota Center, directly behind the Storm bench. Once in the parking garage, I realize I have film, but no camera. Another bad sign as I have never not taken photos at a Storm game. I was watching the girls warm up and they look relaxed and ready to go. AD, Jenny and Jessie walk out and take their seats in front of me and I stand and applaude their arrival. AD gives me that Thanks for being here look and takes her seat.
I say hi to Jayda and we agree to meet after the game for a bite to eat. Elise walks by and says hello and we talk about the Storm for a few minutes. I asked her to say hello to everyone at Storm Fans.Org if she can during the broadcast, cause we all listen to her and David on KJR when we can't be in Seattle.

The team comes out and gets introduced and again I am the only one screaming - start missing my Storm Family in Seattle again. Everyone does the high five thing on the Storm bench and to my great surprise, Jenny B. leans over her seat and yells at me to give her five also. I felt like such a member of the team, it was deep in the second half before I stopped grinning.

Val Ackerman was in attendance - but other than seeing her on the big screen, I never saw where she was sitting. I also did NOT hear her get boo'd as was reported by someone else at the game.

The Storm completely ran the first 8 minutes of the game, then the Comets took the lead at 12:14 by 10-9.
The refs were the infamous Sally Bell, but since she also called the last game here where we won, I wasn't too worried. Also referring were Brian Enterline (who I think Jilly says has man-nipples, cause he does or he's cold all of the time) and Tom Mauer.

At the 7:06 mark, Sally B made her first bad call and it wasn't even on Kamila. She called a jump ball when Sue clearly was being fouled by Holland-Corn. With 4:08 left in the first, ex-Storm Fee Ragland already had 5 points and she didn't even start. I think the storm was watching Thompson and Swoopes too much and the other players were getting their shots to fall.

With only 3:59 left in the 1st, AD called a time out and screamed at the team so much that her eyes watered. She said they were not playing any defense at all and had to start getting some boards. Seems like she didn't wait until half time to start yelling, but hey, they were playing that bad. Even though the half time score was 32-22, in favor of the Comets, I still thought the Storm would win this one. The Stom top scorers at the half were LJ with 8, Betty with 4 and Shari with 4 also.

Janell was still not with the team, so Betty had JB written on her white knee high socks and Shari had a white tape bandage on her arm with JB also.

And I noticed that LJ had her hair in the messy pony tail for the first half. In the 2nd, she came out with a poofy bun. So it's gotta be the braid. If not, prove us wrong LJ.

The second half was no better, with the score ending up Houston 80 - Storm 55. The worst lost this season for the Storm. In field goal %, Houston shot 47 % to the Storms 38%. On 3pt fg's they were 7/15 and we were 1/12 ouch. Houston out rebounded us 39 to 27, 21 to 12 in 2nd chance points and 32 to 16 points in the paint.

Although I would have loved to be a fly on the Storm locker room wall after the game, the team came out rather quickly. Either AD didn't lay into them very much or they all took showers back at the hotel.

One last bad sign- my 4 sign. Before the game, Jayda saw it and said "oh, you made a sign for Simone?". That never even dawned on me, so I told her this was the 4th of the 6th games they would win. So balme it on me, I either jinxed them by being included in the team high five or the # 4 sign did it. I am sorry.

That's it from Houston and tonight I am DSFiCL, depressed Storm Fan in Comets Land.