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7/30/04 vs Minnesota

Final score: Storm 70 – Lynx 55 (W) (16-8)

Submitted by | PeeDee report..I've never done one before, but since I was at this game (one of the only people cheering for the Storm of course) I'll try my best.

I tried my best to represent for the Storm, but there were a lot of angry and intimidating...almost violent Lynx fans in my guess they weren't having as much fun as i was.

I didn't enjoy the national was a group of boy band looking guys who didn't impress me at all.

I loved half time was hilarious...a guy with 2 dogs doing frisbee stuff...enough said...loved it.

The atmosphere of the game was pretty good. Granted I'm only able to get to one game a year, last night was the most people I've ever seen at a Lynx game. There were also TONS of kids. I think this may have been because the first 1500 (i think) kids ages 14 and under got free katie smith jerseys. I was pissed..I'm 18 and didn't get

Overall, it was a great game for the Storm. They were having fun, and you could tell.

Betty got a lot of love from everyone during introductions, and everyone still loves her. I also noticed that the little boys at the games love her. There was a team of boys around 12 or 13 yrs old sitting behind me (from St. Louis I believe) and they kept going on and on about how they liked "that Lennox girl".

LJ may not have had tons of points (though 11 is still nice) she did a lot of other things. She did a great job defending and preventing her player from getting their shots off.

Simone...what can I say. From dancing during warm-ups, to hitting the boards like nuts....She had a great night and was fun to watch.

Sue was more offensive minded tonight. Looking for her shot. The first half was Sue's half.

During the first half they were getting lots of good looks, but the little cheapies just weren't falling.The Storm just totally took over the second half, and their shots really started falling.


Submitted by | Sara from Women's Hoops Blog

Ted and I attended last night's Lynx/Storm game at the Target Center. We got our very first press passes and got to sit courtside at the scorer's table. It was pretty dang cool. It is just amazing how big, fast, and physical these teams and players are when you get up close.

The first half was probably one of the most entertaining I have seen this year. It was fast-paced, physical, and just plain fun to watch. Neither team shot well from the field in the 1st half (Seattle = 35%, MN = 29%), but both were playing great defense and getting out on the break.

At the half it was a 4 point game and we were looking forward to another fun half. Unfortunately, Katie Smith's absence combined with the Storm's great guard play caught up with the Lynx. The second half was pretty much all Storm.

Sue Bird, Betty Lennox, and Tully Bevilaqua put on a guard clinic in the second half. Bird showed why she is one of the best point gurads around. She is constantly moving, directing traffic, and she is a threat to shoot from the outside. Together Jackson and Bird have a lethal inside-out game. Betty Lennox gave the Lynx a good taste of what they were missing by trading her a couple years ago. She is responding well to Coach Donovan's system -- last night she had 23 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 steals.

Despite the loss, I think the game was a good one for the Lynx. Instead of always deferring to Smith and just waiting for her to make something happen, as the Lynx are known to do, the rest of the team had to step up. Both Svet and Hayden looked great. Svet was all over the place, rebounding, hustling. She looked like someone who really wanted her starting job back. And Hayden played some of her best ball of the season. She and Ohlde really matched up well with Jackson. If only our guards could have kept up....