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9/12/04 at Connecticut

Final score: Storm 64 – Sun 71 (L) (18-13)

Attendance | 9,341

Anthem Watch | Disco band singing acapella. We had a band playing in the stands before the game, half time and at the end. They did a lot of disco. Bad Omen #2, no shimmys from Simone.

Fan Psyche | Sue Who?? We got Lindsay!

Game Highlight | LJ signed my jersey and laughed at me when I asked her to sign her jersey. Oh and Nykesha Sales getting taken down by Sue 2 times!!!

Halftime | That band..

Bad Omen #1 before the game day when right after I got my tickets to the game my boyfriend...err fiance..told me he won't go to the game because it's the freakin 1st day of the NFL season. I'll REMEMBER THAT!

So, mom came along. After my last trip to a game last season, I tried to remember things so that I'd have a better chance meeting the team or just seeing them up close. Well, now I've got to remember next year to watch for the team walking from the hotel, past the restaurants upstairs to the arena if I want to cheer them on. (I was sitting having lunch when I saw Kamila then the rest of the team). Anyway, I dumped mom (she went shopping) and went in for pre-warmups. I scored some front row seats behind the hoops on the Sun bench side. I caught LJ coming out of the tunnel for the team streches and got her to sign my shirt. I'm psyched and my old man will never get the sharpie back!

On to the game. First half. All I can remember is the ball going off the rim for quite a while. LJ's streak of consecutive double digit scoring only too under 12 minutes to achieve. I don't know guys, they look a little confused on who was suppose to be where and when. At points I saw LJ directing traffic. Were they up late last night gambling?? The buzzard went off and I said, OK, LJ will have her hair braided and they'll kick some butt in the second half.

Bad Omen 3 & 4 only 1 bottle of diet coke left (I had to drink regular coke) and LJ came out without her ass-kicking braid. I should have given her my hair elastic!!

I think they just ran out of gas. CT outrebounded and just kicked their ass. As much as I hate Sally Bell. I think I only saw 1 or 2 fouls that were questionable. Oh yeah and what's up with Nykesha and that #1 finger point to the sky when they scored and Storm called time??'s the last week and I can't see this team, at this point going past the 1st round of the playoffs. I think the Olympic break screwed us.

Oh, funny story before I go, this lady sitting next to me asked me who #15 was on the court. I said Lauren Jackson. She says "OHHHHHH that's your sister right?? You two look so much alike!!" I had to laugh at that. I was flattered but I told her no, I'm just a fan.

BTW, my mom loves the Storm now and she cheered them on right to the end of the game!!