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5/23/06 vs Houston

Final score: Storm 59 – Comets 84 (L) (1-1)

Attendance | Not given in the new format box score — kinda irritated about that.

Anthem Watch | A cellist.

Fan Psyche | We saw too many film clips of the old days in Simone's ceremony — even the real game looked like the old days.

Game Highlight | Doppler giving a fan a bag with 10 marshmellows in it. Seriously, that was the highlight.

Halftime | The dunking ushers.

SF.O Keyword of the Game | WTF?

Game Photos | Awase | Scott E | Rick | Scott L

We got beat like a red headed step child. We got beat like we stole something. We got beat like a red headed step child who steals stuff.

Is there anyway to retroactively black out a televised game... everywhere? The only consolation is that it was on at 11 pm on the east coast so no one was really watching, right?

I don't know where the Storm team that beat the Sparks went, but someone was using their uniforms and left them a little scuffed up.

Go ahead and accuse me of some irrational depression because that game straight up stank. I'm hard pressed to find any silver lining other than it wasn't a franchise worst loss.

The Comets were shocked at home in their opening game against the Silver Stars. Sheryl Swoopes was quoted to say something along the lines of "We should have never lost to a team like that." They apparently found their motivation and took out their frustration on the Storm. The Comets were able to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. It got so bad, it started looking like a shooting drill.

I don't buy the excuse that the Storm were unsettled (or whatever) because of Simone's retirement ceremony. That might explain a little slump in the first couple of minutes, but at some point it's got to be Game On.

Before we attach too much to this game — or at least any more than we attached to the blow out against LA — I think the most important thing here is how does the Storm respond? Their every weakness was exploited in this game. The Comets were embarrassed at home and came out swinging. Not it's the Storm's turn. Will they respond like a champion in the making — the way we all know they can?

Other Notes:

The Storm celebrated Simone Edward's career before the game and allowed her to retire with an opportunity to address the fans. We got to see some clips of her Storm history, very touching clips from her teammates on what she means to them, and a near tearful goodbye from Karen Bryant. If you were in the Key and didn't get a little choked up, you're a heartless bastard.

Most of us have been anticipating the other shoe to drop with Simone for the last 3 or 4 years. It's a testament to her determination and drive that she was able to beat out younger, faster and stronger players for the roster every year. She is definitely one of the people who helped shape what this team has become and what kind of fans we all are. When people talk about having that special connection with Storm players, a connection that is rare in professional sports, more often than not it was Simone who helped that connection happen. I don't think it is off base to say that without Simone, Storm fans might not be as rabid as we are. I don't want this sound like a knock against other WNBA players, but the bigger the name the more guarded they are (rightfully so considering all the demands placed on them). Simone joked that the only time she gets on EPSN is when she's standing next to Lauren. That is usually because she's the one picking up the baby or giving some fan a hug, allowing Lauren to be the one in the spotlight. I'm not criticizing Lauren, I'm just describing what I see.

Simone will most certainly be missed. David Locke at the pregame gathering on the concourse said that Seattle is Simone's home — she'll always be welcome.