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6/14/06 at Minnesota

Final score: Storm 74 – Lynx 66 (W) (5-5)

Attendance | 5273

Game Photos | Scott L

Submitted by | Scott L

Notice how well the Storm play when I'm at these games?

Another thing that helped was the horrifying lack of attendance. That "5,273" number is complete nonsense. I'd say there were a little more than 2,000 people there. I didn't have a soul within five seats of me and there was a clear path of empty seats between me and the court. I have the pictures to prove it since no one was bothered by my camera.

We started off with some bad outside shots from our guards followed by some bad passed from our guards. If the Lynx weren't yanking the ball out of our hands we were throwing it out of bounds. Still, the Lynx weren't doing much better. Sue played much better defense than usual and got two great steals at moments painful for Minnesota. She seems healthier (not winded), much more decisive and AD gave her some slaps on the back at the bench so she must be doing what AD expects from her.

But then you don't have to look too hard at the box score to see what the Lynx were doing: Seimone Augustus was all of their offense. The woman's shots are... are... I can't think of any words that don't sound corny. She's Betty Lennox on Betty's best night. Like dependable Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver" she's "Anytime, anywhere". That's when she can hit baskets. The only potential problem was that she was creating her own shots and that can only work for so long.

We got tied at 50 when the Storm for some reason put in our weakest lineup possible. We hung on until the caverlry poured back onto the court at the end of the third and since no one could pull ahead, it really became a great basketball game. Shots were falling from everyone on the Storm and well, Seimone Augustus. With six minutes in the game, we had NO team fouls. Gosh Roy, I take back everything I said about you. You're a helluva ref and I'm sure all those reach-ins the fans saw were just nonsense.

LJ didn't shoot much obviously. She's still breathing hard every minute she's on the court but she deserves enormous credit for not throwing up bad shots and finding other ways to contribute. Her rebounding was good and her blocks silenced everyone in the Target Center except me and the Storm bench. She passed out of double teams (I love this) and many of her missed shots fell into JB and Betty's hands (the Lynx didn't box out very well).

More complaints about the Target Center. People should sit in seats. Period. They were letting people come down and stand behind the courtside seats blocking people's view. And a basketball arena is not a romper room. Infants shouldn't be toddling up and down the aisles while their parents are watching the game.