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5/11/07 vs Sacramento

Final score: Storm 84 – Monarchs 66 (W) (2-1 preseason)

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Submitted by StormFanNo1

No Sue, no LJ, no problem. We had Betty and Izi. On the defesive end we also had A-Rob and Tanisha.

Janell played only the first half minute in the game. I hope she is not injured and AD just wanted to rest her.

Most impressive player: A-Rob
She is a blocking machine. With long arms of hers, she blocks like a 6'6" or 6'7" player. She was blocking, hustling, sweeping up the rebounds after our missed shots, tying the ball up if she missed a rebound, working hard and making things happen in the paint for us. She is going to replace Wendy as the first post off the bench. She should get the MIP award this year.

Second most impressive: Izi.
Well we all know what she does when she turns on the after burners and gets busy on the offensive end. But she was also very active on the defensive end in this game. Stealing, diving for the balls, disrupting the Monarchs' defense... Sacto had a lot of trouble running their offense when Izi and T were both on the floor. Izi had with 17pts in this game.

Then of course we had Betty. Same old Betty. She missed a bunch in the first half and then shot the daylights out in the second half. She is the top scorer with 25 pts.

Tanisha was terrific defensively. She harrassed and disrupted the Monarchs guards all the time, the same guards well known for their own defense. Tanisha was dishing out just as much as she was getting and then some more. However I am still uncomfortable with her running the offense.

Gearlds is a great pick. She is going to be an imapct player in a year or two. She missed a lot early during the game and then her shots started falling. She finished with 15 points. As a rookie she is making a lot of mistakes, losing the ball when pressed, etc... But she is an offensive weapon and has the potential to be a significant contributor.

Not impressed: Ely.
There is no way she is a better player than Turner. The only reason she is here is because Turner is absent. If she is kept over Turner, it will be because the coach is mad at Turner for missing the training camp.

I have a good feeling about this team. Unlike last year, we have good scorers and good defenders in our bench. WE HAVE A BENCH! Barring major injuries, this team can make another run for a championship.

Go Storm.

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