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7/3/07 vs Los Angeles

Final score: Storm 90 – Sparks 71 (W) (9-7)

Attendance | 7140

Anthem Watch | Mostly ok. I'm honestly still recovering from the one a couple of games ago, so my Anthem Sense is off.

Fan Psyche | Beat LA!... but only because the big screen tells us to say so.

Game Highlight | Lots of them — Betty wiping out half the east side courtside seats and their drinks, Katie's no look to Ashley in the 4th quarter, Sue getting a double double, LJ making the LA forwards look like cardboard cutouts (they were about as effective), Betty's third quarter buzzer beater.

Halftime | Flyball dogs along with a little present courtesy of the Jack Russell.

SF.O Keyword of the Game | Pimp Seats.

Game Photos | Rick | Scott L | Scott E

A little change of venue tonight — live from the Pimp Seats next to the Storm bench! Karen offered the tickets to Angie while the two were talking before the game (Angie actually called me first to check if I wanted to move. Hells bells woman! Take the tickets!). We moved down while the lights were off right before the Storm intros.

It's amazing how different the game is when you are that close. We're only about 3 rows back now, but it's still not the same. You are in the game. You get stepped on (Jessica Moore, I'm looking at you). You can hear what the coaches are saying in the huddles. You can hear the players. You can hear the refs. You can smell the dog poop (little Jack Russell, I'm looking at you... or maybe it was Christy Thomas. Who can be sure?).

I can almost guarantee you that if the Storm are still in town next season, Angie and I will find a way to get back into some courtside seats. If you ever get the chance to get down there — take it. The game will never be the same.

Just don't bring a huge lens. I got jack for half the game. Trade offs. Whatchagonnado?

The game had a little bit of everything. Crazy shots. Technical fouls. Monster LJ blocks. Betty getting hot, getting hit, going out, coming back, hitting a buzzer beater, and moonwalking through people's drinks in the first row. All of our players scoring. Our bench, again, not doing too bad a job. Sue scoring early and dishing often. Finding out we may be hosed for the next 4-5 games with Sue getting knee surgery (this bon mot made its way into the crowd thanks to numerous text messages from the TV watching Storm fan public). ESPN on hand (Heather Cox is damn hot) and another great sign from Mr. Flip Sign — "Hey Lisa, how's baby LJ?"

In other words, it was a fun Storm game.

I don't even really remember anything bad from the game. It wasn't easy, 20 point win notwithstanding. The Sparks kept it close through the first half, but I never felt the same concern as with other games this season that have stayed close. The Storm had control and with all the starters, except Janell, getting on the board it was clear that the Sparks just didn't have the guns to match-up.

In place of additional game review blather, I'm going to close this game report off with some Courtside Pimp Seat tidbits:

Before the game as Angie and I were getting settled, Assistant Coach Heidi VanDerveer leaned over and asked if I was going to use the Meganator to yell at the refs. I replied, "Absolutely."

Both Janell and Izi had the Nike swooshes taped over with white tape on their shoes. Sue, LJ and Katie were also wearing Nikes, but with no tape. Sue and LJ I get — they have exclusive contracts. Does Katie? I'd be surprised if she did.

Assistant Coach Shelley Patterson was, at one point, encouraging Izi to go faster, saying "Run her down. You're faster than she is." Not sure which "she" they were talking about.

Coach Donovan would tell the refs that she had "a question" for them before laying into them about something. It was an oddly polite way of yelling at a person.

I got stepped on by Jessica Moore when she was trying to save the ball from going out of bounds. While the players and Coach Donovan were arguing with the ref about his call — he gave the ball to LA — I throw in a couple, "She was off me!" lines while pointing to my foot. It didn't help.

I thought the Meganator would have more impact from courtside. It didn't. It's really an away game weapon. So much more effective when the crowd is quiet.

LJ was getting irritated with the ball kids. Just about every time she came out, they were slow bringing her a drink or towel. Waiting for her to call for it probably isn't the best thing.

Apparently, Australian national team coach Jan Stirling was sitting behind us.

We've been Storm fans from the get go. We've been to almost every event. I think I've missed only one home game. We've been fortunate to get to know a couple players a bit. But still, we were both sitting there giggling like fools because one or the other of us made eye contact with Wendy or LJ, or got bumped by someone walking past, or got a glance when we said "Good job" as a player came off the court. We're old timers and founding fans, but we're still a little star-struck...

and we were sitting in the Pimp Seats.

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