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7/6/07 at Houston

Final score: Storm 71 – Comets 55 (W) (10-7)

Submitted by BrrringIt

Game Photos | BrrringIt

SFiCL got us some killer seats right behind the bench. Turns out she's some kind of local celebrity. The usher in our section was all, "Oh, you're with her. If you need anything, just let me know." They also have a waitress come by and take your food and drink orders during the game. Such service.

The Toyota Center is yet another fabulous arena paid for by tourists and built by a city that cares about its basketball teams. Ho hum. It is getting really frustrating for this Seattle fan.

The announced attendance was 7645. Looked more like 5500.

The anthem was performed by a young African American lady who gave it a minimal American Idol treatment. Nice.

We stood and whooped it up during our team intros. We were worried but not surprised when they announced Tanisha was starting. We had Storm fans in our row, a lady named Sherri from Seattle and the New York couple who are Liberty and Storm STHs who we first met in Minneapolis 2 years ago. And I thought we got around.

You know how Doppler runs out during our intros with a huge green banner that says, "Storm" on it? Well, Halley (the Comet) runs out with what looks like a giant light bulb covered in orange toilet paper.

I was a bit concerned when they announced both Tamecka Dixon and Erin Grant as playing. I thought, "No fair, they have a backcourt when we don't." Turns out they were not a factor.


The Houston fans stand for their first basket, so they didn't mind that we did the same for the Storm. T was running the point for us, but not in the traditional way. Usually whoever gets the defensive rebound immediately finds the PG. Not so tonight. Everyone was bringing the ball upcourt. Izi, Betty, even LJ at one point.

When Tina Thompson scores, they play "TNT" by AC/DC.

TW did some nice things that had me cheering for her. Things that did not involve dribbling or distributing the ball. But when you chase an opponent all the way to the basket on a fast break, at least put your arms up when you get there. Sheesh. Betty took care of moving the ball around and Izi ended up with the same number of assists as T (5). What did someone say in an earlier post? "Point guard by committee?" That is what was happening.

1st Qtr: 21-20, Houston

The Comets cheer squad is young, pretty females in traditional, college-type cheerleading outfits and young guys in muscle shirts and workout pants. Floor entertainment was a kids' dance contest. A member of the dance team would do a routine and the kid would have to match the moves. Very cute.

We hung in there and I was impressed by that. On one play, someone's (Betty?) shot missed but hit the rim, but the shot clock did not reset. AD started yelling at the ref about it, gesturing at the shot clock. By then, the Comets had the ball and were bringing it back upcourt. The ref was telling her, OK, enough, but she kept on. That is when she got the technical. It was nice to see some of the old fire is still in her.

The reffing pretty much sucked as usual. The refs were Lamont Simpson, Kevin Sparrock and Jeff Smith. At one point, Ely moved her feet a lot while holding the ball and I heard a whistle. "Travel," I thought. No, it was a foul on Sancho Lyttle.

Crystal Smith flails too much. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Halftime: 35-33, Storm

I was glad we held the lead going into the half, especially the way TT was shooting. Hey Scowl, Halley rides a Segway. Halftime entertainment was musical chairs. The Comet fans were 100% nice to us, including some good natured joshing from a teenage girl in the ladies room. "I hate your jersey" and "Don't let her in," (said to the courtside usher).

Before I stood for the first basket of the second half, I asked the lady behind me if it was OK. She said 'yes,' then it took 2:30 for us to score. She told me she was ready to start cheering for the Storm just so she could see the game.

Toyota Center is so big, there are 8 rockstar seats between the Storm bench and the media table.

JB was getting no respect all game, getting called for travels when she took the same number of steps under the basket as anyone else. She got no foul calls her way when Michelle Snow was all over her back, but got it called against her at the other end. Her stat line tells the tale of her game. Luckily, LJ was having a monster game. We went on a 14-0 run in the 3rd.

3rd Qtr: 56-47, Storm

Sections that cheer the loudest for the mascot get streamers shot at them and t-shirts thrown at them. Their version of the Mini Cooper races without the sponsor. Smith whacked the ball out of bounds right near AD sitting on the bench. She palmed it as she handed it to the ref.

Wendy had the ball under the left side of the basket facing the bench. She pivoted left, then right. She went right, she went left. Then she did the sweetest spin move and put the ball up and in. Sweet. It was the sweetest move I saw all night. A thing of beauty.

When Lauren came off with a few minutes left in the game, some weirdo a few rows back yelled, "Lauren! You suck!" I looked at Mini and asked, "At what?"

With about 5 minutes left and we were still up by more than 10, I started to relax a bit. The Comets' shooting had been ice cold in the second half. Rolls that went their way in the first half rolled out in the second. Thankfully, our shooting stayed strong and we were able to capitalize.

Final Score: 71-55, Storm

The Comets scored fewer points in this game than in any game this season.

As T Wright made her way to the media table for the postgame interview with A & A, I put out my hand and said, "Nice game, T." She grabbed my hand and said, "Thanks."

We waited in our seats for SFiCL. The usher looked out for us so we did not get tossed out. Note to MSG ushers: A little smile goes a loooong way.

When they finished the broadcast, Adia said, "Hi." on her way by. Alan stopped to chat. "Hi. I'm Alan. I do the Storm radio broadcast." We know. He is a really nice guy.

We are in San Antonio right now and will be heading to the AT&T Center in a few minutes.

Go Storm!