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Final score: Storm 66 – Fever 73 (L) (2-1)

Attendance | 7253

Box Score

Submitted by scullyfu

Couple of thoughts from being at the game:

KG may want to forget about the threes and take a step or two inside the line and just hit the two's for now; get the rhythm and range and then step back. she clunked four or five in a row off the iron. how does she keep getting those + signs in the boxscores?

Sue *really* needs to start shooting and i don't mean just driving to the basket. she's got to hit some shots to make the defense play honest. just cuz lj's back doesn't mean she needs to put her offense on the back burner.

Refs: CRAPPY!!! as usual, lj was hammered under the basket with no calls and sue slaps someone on the wrist and its a foul. d'oh!

Also, with three officials on the floor, how is it that not a single one of them can make a call? jump ball called cuz they couldn't decide who'd touched the ball last.

Swin: forget the late missed layup, the girl was downright impressive last night!! she showed no signs of being tentative or hurt; plus, she came in and carried the team for a bit. way to go, swin.

ARob: someone tell me again why agler is so sold on her, other than her 6'5" frame?

Suzi: stop biting your nails.

YO: heard that she had a deep bruise on her upper thigh. sounded as though she caught a knee. there may have been an update by now, this is what i heard last night.

Tully and LJ: up to their usual antics.

Crowd size: reported at 7253, but looked somewhat smaller. surprising, cuz it was family night, freddie fever's birthday celebration (on a week night and where was doppler?), giveaways of tee-shirts and food, two for one tix.

The arena: we were really impressed by the size of the lobby area. it's downright huge. seats were comfortable. liked the size of the actual arena, on the smaller, more intimate side. with a full house, the place could get noisy.

We sat behind the bench a few rows and to our surprise, right next to one of the quietstormsisters and her mom; turns out we were in the same hotel, too. crazy. they will be at the minny game, which we are giving a pass, but we're planning to meet up pre-game in chicago.