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Final score: Storm 55 – Sparks 82 (W) (6-3)

Attendance | 10797

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Submitted by BrrringIt

Well, there's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.

Met up with the Socks and SiC-ko before the game. Our old friend Sass came over to say hello. Everyone is looking great.

Hung out by the tunnel with Socks and chatted with JB, and got Suzy to re-sign my jersey with her new name. Adia came by and asked if Mini and I were going to Phoenix. Saw Cheryl Miller and Heidi VanderVeer in the crowd.

The Anthem was sung by a large group of small kids. Very cute.

The teams were pretty even in the first quarter. Not much energy, some good play by Swin, especially. We were ahead 17-15 at the end of it.

The second quarter was a little different. No rebounding to speak of on either side. Sporks pulled ahead by halftime, 41-30.

Halftime show was the kids choir again.

Third quarter was more of the same crap. No defense. Terrrible mis-matches (KG guarding TT? On what planet?). No rebounding, horrible passing, turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. I would love to blame the refs or the thuggish Sporks. But I can't. The Storm has only themselves to blame. They beat the livin' tar out of themselves tonight. 3rd Qtr: 67-45 Sporks

Coach gave up and put the bench in in the 4th. We saw some nice things and some not so nice things from them. I hope the starters got it all out of their system tonight and show up in Phoenix as the team I know and love.