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8/01/09 vs San Antonio

Final score: Storm 85 – Silver Stars 82 (W-1OT) (12-7)

Attendance | 8167

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Okay. I've started writing this report a couple times and keep getting stuck on what was bad with this game. Things like the Storm's offense not taking advantage of the players' styles or talents, or how Coach Agler's grind out the shot clock offensive scheme is frustrating to watch, or how he helped cause a shot clock violation because he spent so much time telling Pee Wee what he wanted her to do, or how the Storm are still leaving three-point shooters wide open.

There was a lot of bad in this game. There was also just enough good to allow the Storm to tie in regulation and finally win in overtime. Let's face it, Sue's three-point shot was one of the bigger shots in Storm history. The Storm also played smart foul basketball in the overtime when they went at Riley and Young to get both of them to foul out.

I had hoped that the Storm's win over LA in three overtimes would have uncorked whatever was blocking the Storm from playing the way they were at the beginning of the season. You remember — fast attacking offense, stifling, consistent defense and our stars hitting everything from the chippies to the and-ones along with the big shots.

It didn't have that effect.

The Storm are still playing a grind-out the shot clock style of offense that honestly doesn't make a lot of sense given the type of players on the team. All of the starters are attacking type players and when they play that way they are successful.

See? Even when I don't want to focus on the things were frustrating about this game I have a hard time doing it.

What I really want to talk about the All-Decade team.

Before the game, several former players were up on the concourse to sign autographs: Simone Edwards, Kamila Vodichkova, Michelle Marciniak, Semeka Randall, Jamie Redd, Adia Barnes and Astou Ndiaye-Diatta. Those of us who had gone to the reception event at the sports bar called Sport (imaginative, I know) had gotten to see everyone at the autograph table except for Semeka. It was great to see her. She looks great and seemed happy to meet with her fans. Marciniak was working her angles and writing down the web address for her new sheet making business along with her autographs. She was also handing out business cards like crazy. Players who had been scheduled to be there, including Kate Paye and Sheri Sam, didn't make it.

One of the best moments during the game involving the ADT was when Kamila and Simone came into the arena to take their seats in the front row. It was during a timeout and the dance troupe was performing. Kamila and Simone came in and the crowd erupted in a spontaneous cheer and partial standing ovation. They seemed a little surprised about it. I felt bad for the kids in the dance troupe because their backs were turned to where Kamila and Simone were sitting and I wondered if they thought the cheering was for them.

The main ADT celebration was at halftime. The first to be introduced were the four members of Force 10 Hoops. You know, I was talking to someone recently about the Storm's history and how crazy it's been the last few years with the Sonics and the ownership uncertainty. I said that if I had been asked before the team was purchased who the perfect owner of the team might be, I would have describe a local owner who was genuinely interested in supporting women's basketball and who wasn't looking for a quick profit. I think in the four women who bought the team, we all got about as perfect an ownership group as possible.

Next to be introduced was Ginger Ackerley, the one person aside from Karen Bryant most responsible for bringing the WNBA to Seattle. She came in followed by her daughters and granddaughters. Karen presented her with a special framed #99 jersey to commemorate the Storm's 1999 beginnings. Later, Karen surprised Ginger with the announcement of the new "Ginger Ackerley Community Service Award," an annual award for those who have the biggest impact on kids from this area.

Finally, the players on the All-Decade Team were introduced. For those three who are with other teams — Betty (LA), Tully (Indiana) and Izi (Atlanta) — we saw video clips of them thanking the fans (of course, they were actual, genuine messages unlike the "goodbye generic sports fans" video we saw recently). Kamila, Adia and then Simone were brought out. Of course, Simone had to do the Shimmy Shake with Doppler.

It's always a concern that any kind of ceremony or activity honoring the players will distract from the game. It's always seemed to backfire on us in the past. I was a little surprised that the active Storm players came out at to participate in the All-Decade introductions. Most athletes at this level are creatures of habit. Any break in the normal flow makes them twitchy. But, it's not like we have a 10-year anniversary more than once so Janell, Swin, Sue and LJ all came out and joined Simone, Adia and Kamila.

After they were joined by Force 10, Karen and Ginger, there was one more surprise for most everyone. The number 6 was officially retired to the rafters to honor the fans for our contributions to the Storm's first 10 years.

After that, the Storm won in overtime. Good times!

Other notes:

There was some new eye-in-the-sky cam above the south basket. They put its video feed on the big screen a few times. It was an interesting perspective. There was no indication by the announcer as to why it was there or if it is a permanent addition.

WNBA President Donna Orender was at the game. Her highlight was jumping into the Doppler Train with all the kids.

Doppler was recognized for his 10 years with a blinged out "00" necklace.



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