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8/27/09 vs Connecticut

Final score: Storm 68 – Lynx 76 (L) (19-13)

Submitted by Awase

Live from the Raddison on S. Seventh ST, Minny

OK, so we walk down to our seats, four rows behind the Storm bench and the first thing I see is Sue in civies, signing autographs. Having been computer free for the whole day, I had no idea what was wrong with her. A quick check of Jayda's blog on the ole blackberry revealed the sore neck problem. Had little hope for a favorable outcome, but hoped the team could play well....

No LJ, no Sue, no Katie, but we still sooooooooooooooo could have won this game.

IF: We had played a semi decent first quarter
IF: We had an answer for Houston's ONE move
IF: We had played smarter ball the last five minutes

Five points in the first quarter, are you kidding me? We couldn't hit anything, but neither could MN for the first couple of minutes. Bad passes, ill advised drives to the basket into three players. They knew we didn't have any perimeter depth and they sagged into the key early and often.

Charde Houston has one move. She drives into the paint, spins, and then throws up that baby jump hook. We had absolutely no answer for her all night long.

The team came out of the lockerroom fired up for the third quarter and went on a nice 9-2 run to take the lead. It was back and forth for a bit and at the end of the third we were up three. I thought we could still pull the game out.

We had a five point lead with 5:21 to play. We took a timeout and at the end of it Sue looked at the clock and urged the team to play hard for the last 5 minutes. Our next offensive possession PeeWee gets herself on the baseline behind the plane of the basket with the clock running down and throws up a shot that hits the side of the backboard. Still no answer for Houston, and Wiggins hit a couple of big shots. Foul fest for the last minute or so and we lost.

I like to guesstimate the size of the crowd at the Key, and I'm usually within a thousand or so. I checked the attendance in the box score: 8170. Absolutely no f'ing way there were more than 4000 butts in the seats.

They don't close off the upper bowl at the Target Center, and they have this funky thing called the Party Zone on the endline near the visitor bench. There were about three oversized leather couches, some tables, one of which had a chess set set up on it, and then some tables further back that can't possibly have a view of the court. They actually had two large screen TV's tuned to football games. And the LYNX game was on local TV! WTF??

We both had Storm 10th anniversary shirts on and not one Lynx fan gave us shit. Of course, not one Lynx fan said anything to us. At the Key, if I see a group that I pretty well know is from out of town, I make an effort to welcome them to Seattle, and tell them I hope they see a great game. No such welcome here in the Twin Cities.

After the game, we went to the NBA resturant in the arena. I was sitting with my back to the entrance from the arena and all of a sudden everyone starts cheering. I figured a player or two had come in. I turned around and there was grand mama basking in the fan love after a victory. I went up and congratulated her on the win. I CAN be a gracious loser. A bit later she came over to our table and talked to us for a few minutes. She said Simone's rehab is going well, they are still mathematically able to make the playoffs but need some help. She's hoping LA returns the favor the next time they play SA. She also said her young team has gotten some valuable experience this year with Simone out and they are excited about next year. Very nice woman.

While we were in the NBA resturant a couple of players did come in and they went into a more private section of the resturant. One was Charde Houston and I didn't recognize the other. Before we were done with dinner they both left. Charde Houston was either completely hammered, or someone needs to teach her how to walk in heels. She was staggering all over the place. I'm pretty sure she just needs lessons in walking in heels though.

The in game entertainment wasn't much to write home about. Except for the Lynx mascot riding a plastic sled down the stairs onto a big foam pad at the end of the staircase. I thought it would be cool if Doppler did that and then I remembered we have bannisters down the middle of our aisles. The mascot also has a drum that he beats on to get the crowd going. The first time I heard it, I thought a gun had gone off.

I wasn't too impressed with the Target Center. You walk into a lobby that has the box office in it. Then you enter the arena and go up two levels to get into the actual concourse. The concourse is not much wider, if any than the concourse at the Key. The concessions stands pretty much all sell the same thing, no variety, except for one pizza stand. They do have a "bar". It's basically some tables set up in a rectangle on the concourse. But you can actually get a cocktail, not just beer or wine.

We bought a water and a pepsi at the bar before the game. They wouldn't let us take the tops into the arena. I always find that strange. I mean come on, how much harm could you do IF you were stupid enough to throw the bottle cap onto the court, or at someone?