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Final score: Storm 84 – Silver Stars 56 (W) (5-1)

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Submitted by | sbirdie10

2 words: Total domination.

That was by far the BEST I have EVER seen us play here in SA. I'm usually in favor of seeing a closer game, but I'm very pleased with this result. Not as long as usual, but here's my game report:

1st quarter
First possession: swish! Sue hits a 3. I thought that was a great sign for the night. We had a good aggressive start on offense and defense but did miss a couple of bunnies underneath. Swin was looking the the Swin of old out there. I was loving seeing that. The SS got a few O boards and their bigs kind of had their way down low for a little bit, especially Sophia. Overall, great quarter.

SEA 25 – 15 SAN

2nd quarter
T had a good, quick start to the quarter with a 3, then a fake and fancy drive to the hoop. Holdsclaw started to get into the scoring mix for the SS. Then Svety started getting into the scoring mix for us. I really liked seeing another of my UConn alums on the floor and doing well. Sue hit a couple shots and our transition game got going. The lead kept building. Timeout SS: 40-23 us. Sue started guarding Becky which was fun for me to watch. It's not everyday I get to see my favorite and 2nd favorite player matchup against each other. Then Coach Agler put T back on Becky after a couple of possessions. We were playing good D on Becky though. She had 0 pts with only a few shots. Then of course after I wrote that down, she scored 5 straight pts. LJ was what I like to call "beasting" out there. Fantastic effort. A well played jumpball tip went straight to Sue and she thought she got fouled when she went up for the layup. No call. I think the buzzer had already sounded though. But Sue was super pissed. I don't I've seen her that mad over a call in a while. My seat was by our tunnel and I could hear a few words that I can't repeat on the way to the lockerroom.

SEA 50 – 32 SAN

Best half of Storm basketball I'd ever seen. I had a lot of confidence we could keep it up in the 2nd half.

3rd quarter
Camille missed a contested layup, then Sue got the rebound and missed the wide open putback. Both of them looked like they wanted those shots back. Our offense kept on flowing and our defense was still solid. Camille was getting some O boards and LJ kept doing her thing. Timeout SS: 65-30 us. I had no idea our lead had grown that big until the timeout. Wow. It honestly didn't seem THAT big, but still awesome to see.

SEA 73 – 42 SAN

4th quarter
The SS had some chances for a little momentum shift but couldn't capitalize. Sue's shot continued to be off which was not that great for me since I picked her for the Pick One Challenge. T had a sweet little no look pass to LJ for an easy layup. The benchies came in with 5:47 left. I thought the starters played a little too many minutes for what the lead was the whole game. I guess Coach really wanted to make sure we kept the lead. Didn't take anymore notes the rest of the game, but the benchies did pretty well to close it out. I got an opportunity to see what the new faces could do out there.

Final Score: SEA 84 – 56 SAN

I couldn't have asked for a better game. After all those losses in a row, playing like this was like a much needed breath of fresh air. Amazing to finally see. Also, we now have a 2 game win streak here! I can't even tell you the last time I've been able to say that. As always, great to see the Sue and the Storm play!