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Final score: Storm XX – Silver Stars XX (W) (0-0)

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Submitted by | SFiCL

Hello from Texas....

Let me start off by saying that it is really different watching your favorite team play when both of you are the visitors in the arena. You stand alone until the first basket, you can hear yourself both scream at the refs and clap because your the only one doing either for the team in the dark jerseys.

To begin, let me say that since Jenny B. did not make the trip this time the fashion award will be on hold. Like others, I am never impressed by Coach Aglers choice of neckties. And today, he chose not to wear one = good move, but he chose a black long sleeve sweater. Did the airline lose his luggage or did he forget wearing black sweaters in Texas in July is like wearing white sandals after Labor Day in some places? I was burning up in a tee shirt in our 99 degree weather - and I am from here. Plus with all those kids taking the oxygen out of the building, he must have been hot. But then again, Donna O. had her usual black dress on. Cocktails, anyone?

Superstition or is it me? I remember that when LJ changed her hairstyle during halftime, it used to make some think, no don't mess with anything. Bad omen. Well, today during intros Sue was introduced second to last, when I always remember her being last, is that something new this season or did the SASS crew just mess up? For those interested, T was introduced last.

Superstition part two: Donna O. stayed for the entire game. She gave Holdsclaw her award pregame and did during the game interviews with both Adia and Dick and the Sass broadcast team, then went up in the stands and took a seat. Her assistant brought her nachos and she bopped her head to the dance team performing YMCA. I have never seen her stay the whole game.

The game was a punching match with a basketball thrown in. No punches were thrown at each other, but they made a basket, then we did, they made one, then we made one. Maybe the Storm were tired, but I don't think so. After all, they did have two days between games.

It was the refs, I tell you: In the first two quarters, the Storm could not find the bottom of the basket, They shot okay, but the ball would always take a weird bounce at the rim and come out of the basket. Poor LJ could not buy a vowel, much less a basket for a while in the first half. How she had 21 points, I am amazed. More than once, the refs had to confer over the call. I think it was really to ask each other, "why did you blow the whistle"? And as far as the refs were concerned Swin was the only one who comitted a foul in the first half. I thought he should have played Svet more once Swin had to take a seat, but he did not ask me.

Halftime: The Fox's birthday party. Didn't they use to have other WNBA team mascots show up on Camp Day? Today's attendees were the mascot from Sea World San Antonio, Taco Cabana Rest., HEB Grocery, the Spurs, and a few other San Antonio area mascots.

After halftime, the Refs made more evenly calls for both teams. With the exception of Sue's double dribble at the end of the game. My seat was about 20 feet away and it was clear that Hodges tried to steal the ball from behind. She did not double dribble. And even though there were only 14 seconds left in the game and the Storm were up by 6, Sue pleaded her case to all three refs. She was not happy at all. So with her three turnovers, two happened in the first 3 mintues of the game and the last one was this one. Not too bad.

Will anyone in the west catch fire and give the Storm a run? Let 's just say see y'all in September.