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2010 WNBA Playoffs, Western Conference Finals, Game 2

Final score: Storm 91 – Mercury 88 (W) (2-0)

Attendance | 9686

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Submitted by | Notinourfortress

We were at the game and we brought it!

A few notes:

We were on the flight down there with the team...offered most of them our first class tickets....they wouldn't take them!

Awesome of Storm10 to arrange for a pregame party in Phoenix. There was a big group waiting before the doors even opened.

It was hard to tell how hard our fans were working it, but we were all cheering throughout every offensive and defensive possession. It didn't show on TV because the first three rows behind the bench were the quietest in the group. We did Aussie,Aussie,Aussie and Brick each time.

Hard to remember what happened when the buzzer sounded because we all went crazy. The team was so happy, even Sue who is usually all business gave the crowd a huge smile on the way off the court. The Phoenix crowd was stunned. It was unbelievable.

We waited in the arena for the team to come back out. As the staff tried to kick us out, Force 10 let us know that the team was going back to the Sheraton where there would be a celebration.....Boy was it. The whole storm contingent was there...and Force 10 paid for EVERYONE'S drinks!!

The plane ride was chill, everyone left the players alone. However the players were thrilled. Sue held court the whole could see them laughing and enjoying eachother.

Walking to baggage claim, you could hear the crowd before you saw them. It was overwhelming. Way to go Seattle!!

What an amazing trip....


Submitted by | Awase

OK, I think my hands are steady enough now to try and put some thoughts down about the whole experience that was yesterday.

The day started with the alarm going off at 3:00 AM so we could get to the airport on time for our 5:15 AM flight to Phoenix. Got to the airport and found that we were on the same flight as Stalker, a woman from the Washington Nurses Association and another Storm fan from Edmonds. We landed in Phoenix after an uneventful flight and hopped a cab to the Hyatt. We left the WA Nurses Association fan at the airport. She had used some frequent flyer miles to fly an 80 year old friend in from Portland and she stayed to meet her flight. They eventually made their way to the pre-game party.

Had breakfast at the Hyatt and killed time talking about the season, the LA series, game one, and our hopes for game two. At a little before 10 we headed out to the pregame function. The pregame party was well attended, Lisa, Dawn, and Ginny were there along with K Pelton, Doppler, KB, and some front office staff.K Pelton played the latest version of "On The Road" with all the players thanking fans for traveling to Phoenix to support them. Lisa embarrased the hell out of Brian's wife by introducing her to the crowd.

A little before 11, we headed over to the arena so we could pick up our tickets and have time to stroll the concourse, which is our pregame routine at home. We got to the doors and the bag beeotch told us that backpacks weren't allowed in the arena, but maybe she could get "the guy over there" to give us permission to bring it in. NO DICE. Strict no backpack policy unless you are carrying medical supplies or baby food/diapers etc. I had to go in and get our tickets and then we had to go around the corner and enter through the garage so we could check our bag at Guest Services. Now mind you, I saw all nature of HUGE bags, purses, messenger bags, etc, but Lord don't let a backpack in the arena We made our way around to the garage and found guest services and got our bag checked in. We were told that they would be there for 15 minutes after the game and we had to claim our bag by then.....more as to how that impacted the day later. Now mind you, guest services is just across the lobby that houses the box office. Why I had to go around the corner and through the garage to get there instead o being trusted to do what i'm told is beyond me, but I complied. I *****ed the whole time, but I complied.

Once in the arena with bag safely stowed we wandered around the concourse before going to our seats. Walked past Adia and Dick having a little arena food before they started their broadcast. Glad they were well nourished and had the energy to get through that last 3:20 of the game.

We made our way to our seats and waited for the game to begin. There was a woman sitting on the endline wearing a Sacramento shirt with a sign that said "Abandoned fan, looking for a new team". Full of hospitality, some of our Storm fans took her all means of Storm gear which she accepted.

I've been to games in CT, NY, DC, MN, LA, HOU, and SA and I think I've finally found an arena where the fans are almost as loud as at the Key. However, most of their cheering was prompted, as opposed to the Key where the fans don't need a lot of prompting to be loud. The contingent of Storm fans in 103 held our own I think, especially seeing as if you believe the attendance numbers we were outnumbered about 4400 to 1.

I remember thinking in the third when we were down 19, how the hell am I going to convince my boss that I'm sick on Wednesday so I can get to the game? At the end of the third when we were down 10, I thought this is doable. When it was back up to 12 I started doubting our ability to close this one out. Then I started watching the scoreboard after every play, and watching us walk the lead down. At the 1:52 mark, with the Storm down 7, I decided to run to the bathroom. At the Key, if it's late in a game and we're down I'll usually run to the restroom so I don't have to go after the game and that's when we usually start playing better. Well by the time I got back from the bathroom, we were tied. I ran down to my seat just in time to see Sue's series of heroics, and DT's miss. When Sue hit that shot, the entire arena with the exception of section 103 pretty much went silent. Needless to say, section 103 erupted in pure unadulterated joy. When DT's shot missed, we exploded again. Phoenix fans were in a stunned silence not believing that they weren't going to "Do it Again in 2010".

We stayed in our seats until after the handshakes and the team headed into the lockerroom. Then we had to hightail it to guest services to retrieve our banned backpack. We had to get to the airport for a 5 PM flight so we never heard about the after party at the Sheraton, but what another shining example of what a class act our ownership group is.

We got to the airport and found that we were on the plane with K Pelton, a couple of staffers, and Dawn and I'm guessing her hubby.

We weren't able to stay around to wait for the team to get in because we had left our three dogs alone for the day and had to get home to them. Glad to see there was a large group of fans there to welcome them home.

I'm already trying to figure out how/if I could make it to NY or ATL for the finals games.

Some more notes. There was two Phoenix fans in front of me and I got lots of glares for the "BRICK" routine during freethrows.

I had to watch the 4th quarter (actually I watched the whole game) when I got home, because honestly, other than the last 23.7 seconds, I couldn't tell you what happened in the quarter. I kept watching the play, then checking the scoreboard. The end result was that while I knew we won, I didn't know that Phoenix didint' score for the last 3:20 of the game until I read it here while waiting for my plane.

It's hot as hell in Phoenix, I don't care if it's dry heat. It's freaking hot there.

I got called an "ugly green shirt wearing person" after the game. Props to the person's companion who gave her crap for not being nicer. I told them we would have cheered for them in the finals if they had won and asked where the Phoenix love was that I had heard about.

If you have tickets to a game, you don't have to pay the light rail fare. Thank you random Phoenix fan for letting us know that.


Submitted by | BrrringIt

Sorry this is so late, but I had a touch of what I will call Taurasi's Revenge for a couple of days after we got back. Ahem.

Anyway, we got to Majerle's a little after 10 and the party was in full swing. We were joined by our new friend WestwardStorm whom we met at SeaTac. I was very happy so many Storm fans made the trip! So many road trips Mini and I are the only green dots in a sea of yellow or purple or blue or black or red, etc. I knew this many voices couldn't help but bring the KeyArena Thun-dah!

At the arena they were handing out placards that read "The Storm is Over." A little negative by WNBA standards, but it only served to fire us up.

Our section was very loud from the moment the Storm came out. The benchies (especially ARob) looked at us appreciatively and elbowed each other. I swear I saw Jana raise her eyebrows in surprise.

The woman seated to my right was one of the tinsel-haired beauties you can see in Scowl's pictures. She offered me a megaphone but I proudly showed her my Admin-issued "Brick!" one. And I used it. Oh, yes. We can take credit for at least messing up Penny Taylor's first free throw. No doubt. We used their arena-prompted "De-fense" cadence to do our "Let's Go Storm" chant. "Let's" in time with "De", "Go" quickly in the middle, and "Storm" for "fense." It worked very well. I could only hear us, most of the time. I sort of felt sorry for the Merc fans in front of us, but they were sitting behind the visitor bench, after all. They were very nice. In fact, most Merc fans were very nice.

It seemed like every time Taurasi touched the ball, she scored. I was half-expecting her to stand on the scorers table with her back to the basket and score. Run up to the 20th row and score. Holy crap, when she goes off, there is nothing like it.

My throat was sore by halftime so I got some ice cream. Toward the end of the 3rd (when Svet got the steal, Sue hit the 3, and Phoenix threw it out of bounds on the other end, all within a few seconds), I felt the momentum shift and gave Mini my ice cream. She was surprised, but I told her, "I have a feeling I need my hands free now."

If this team has taught me anything this year, it's that you can't count them out, no matter the score. We were down by 19 at one point, but it never felt like we were going to lose. I don't know how else to explain it. This team doesn't break down at those moments like some do. They just keep playing their game and eventually overpower their opponents. Like Champions.

Rebecca Lobo is seriously preggers.

When Sue hit The Shot, we cried and hugged and jumped up and down. When we won a few delirious and blurry moments later, Le'Coe jumped up and down on her good leg, holding on to Svet for balance. Lisa B picked Ginny up off the ground in a big hug. The bench went nuts. When the team ran off the court, Svet ran by and grinned at us with her arms in the air. We hung around the arena, savoring the victory. The owners invited us to the bar at the Sheraton and bought drinks all around. Then the players came in and said a few words on their way to their celebration in a back room. Sue high-fived me on her way past.

Flew in with the team on Sunday night. They were having a great time on the plane, celebrating with each other. Fans kept a respectful distance and let them party. When Swin came past on her way to the restroom, she apologized for being loud. I said, "No problem. You earned it."

When we landed in Seattle, there was a huge crowd of Stormfans waiting near the escalators down to baggage claim. They high-fived us like we were part of the team. It was great fun.

Mini thought we shouldn't go because we (as fans) are 0-2 in Phoenix. I told her this is the year we break the curse. And it was. And we did.