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Here we are. We've had our ups and downs. We've had a lot of fun and the occasional troll in the garden. If someone had told Angie or I before we started this site that we'd still be going strong after 10 years, I don't think either of us would have believed it.

This site went live in June of 2001. The site was pretty minimal. We actually waited until the 3rd or 4th game before opening it up so that we had some content in place to start. To get the word out, we made cheapo cards and handed them out at the games. We had a banner that we draped across our seats before the games. I actually wrote a press release and sent it to all the local sports editors. We got a few people on the forum (which, by the way, was added as a complete afterthought), and then a few more.

The turning point, I think, really came with the July 4 road trip to Portland against the Fire. The Storm organized a couple buses and I think we had 50-70 people make the trip. I know Angie and I had a ton of fun on that trip, and I think most everyone else did to. For us, that was the first time we really saw what having a community of fans could be like — loud, fun and a little crazy. I think you'll all agree that the last 10 years have been loud, fun and a little crazy.

The Stormfans All-Decade Team

As we celebrate our tenth season, Angie and I decided the best way to do that would be to focus not on the site itself but on the people who have helped make this site and fan community what it is. We decided to recognize those people who have contributed the most, whether it was directly to this site, the forum or to the Stormfans community at large.

This is by no means a complete list. There are many, many people who do things large and small all the time who deserve recognition, but when we sat down to go over the list these are the ones who stood out.

At our 10th Anniversary party on July 25th, we announced this list and presented each with a special t-shirt that only All-Decade Team members will receive. Here is your All-Decade Team (in no particular order):

Norwester was perhaps the easiest person to put on this list. She does so much for this site and for the commune at large, I honestly consider her a full partner in who is and has become. Besides her exhaustive game reports, she brings her extensive basketball knowledge, level-headedness and fairness to the forum every time she posts a message and she represents us all on other basketball forums in the same way. Over the years, she has taken a ton of pressure off me as both a site content contributor and as a helpful second set of eyes on the forum. I didn't break up the All-Decade Team into starters or bench players, but if I did, she'd rightfully be the team's captain and all-star.

When he first came on the forum, it was undercover. Over time, his inside info, mastery of all basketball knowledge and statistics gave him away as a Storm staffer. He's the Storm's web guru and over the years has made the Storm site a content-rich leader for the whole WNBA. Many of the things you see now on other team sites and even the main site started on the Storm site first. He was also a long-time contributor to the Sonicscentral fan site. And, he's always been willing to answer my questions when I've needed technical help on our site.

The uber fan photographer, scowl has been taking and sharing his shots of the Storm with other fans for years. At the beginning of this site when I started taking shots with a little point-and-shoot, seeing his shots inspired me to get better, try new things and take my own photography much more seriously. He also shoots for college and professional sports teams, often traveling around the country to do so. On top of all of that, he also commutes to every Storm game from Portland on the train. Somehow, he almost never misses a game.

LaurenRules took up the game reporting task when norwester went off to Afghanistan. She has continued supplying the same level of detail and reporting from a fans perspective that is indispensable for all the Storm fans out there.

A true Stormfans stalwart and long time member who is always looking out for others. It was her idea to do the season ticket drive a couple seasons ago as a way for the community to give back and help out kids. Any time there is an opportunity to donate or help out, she is there.

A long time member, but infrequent poster, her contribution comes by getting butts in the seats. We all try to get other people to come to games, family, coworkers, but LozFan goes above and beyond. She is one of the most tireless Storm advocates out there and I think it is safe to say she is solely responsible for bringing in if not hundreds then thousands of people to KeyArena over the years.

Coconut Monkey
This person is the third photographer who contributes to the site and is someone who has taken a ton of pressure off of me to go to every Storm event to document it, because he does go to every event. He's super quick to post his photos and has become a key source for people outside of Seattle to get their Storm fix.

Probably one of the most well traveled Storm fans, BrrringIt and her daughter Mini have gone on more Storm road trips than anyone else and have shared their experiences on the forum and with game reports. They help bring the Storm home to everyone, even those of us here in Seattle.

Without a doubt, this person is the most prolific poster on I actually had to make a new category for total posts to anticipate how high she would eventually go. But she's not just about quantity. She's always good for arcane facts, welcoming new members to the forum and of course keeping the international players supplied with their national delicacies.

Another original member, this person has been a force behind the Storm bench with her husband and two boys. Always willing to share those super hot, behind-the-bench tickets with out-of-towers or any other storm fans who might not be able to get that kind of KeyArena experience. She has also been instrumental in helping Simone Edward's charity over the years.

His most visible contribution is his website, Chasing the Title, on which he meticulously breaks down each game's stats and provides analysis that you just don't find anywhere else. Behind the scenes, he was deeply involved in the fan effort to keep the Sonics and Storm in Seattle. With the Sonics' departure, he has brought his full effort to the Storm and proves that NBA diehards ought to be WNBA diehards too.

One of the friendliest people you'll meet, he is the archetypical superfan/dad. With him, every game is dads and daughters night. He helps anchor the north end of the arena and is always prepared with his signs, his storm warning flag and never misses an opportunity to lead the crowd in an Aussie, Aussie, Aussie cheer.

Another prolific forum poster, this person has supported the site in a way that no one else ever has, with donations. She is the only person to consistently donate money to us to help with site costs, even though we don't actively seek out donations. Furthermore, any time there are opportunities to donate for other things, like our season tickets for kids drive, she comes through big time. You may not have seen her efforts, but we certainly appreciate them greatly.

She hasn't been to Seattle for a couple season, but no matter. This person is one of those types who you instantly feel like you've known for years and acts like a social hub of sorts. She knows everybody and is fearless in meeting new people. When the Comets were still in business, she welcomed any traveling storm fans into her Houston home without hesitation. Let's hope the Storm give her the opportunity to visit us in September.

Jezzie & Pwe
Two of the original stormfans, these women have consistently opened their business, Theatre Off Jackson, and their home to the Stormfans community. Whether it's been hosting viewing parties, Storm events, fan meetings or allowing out-of-towers to crash on their couch, these two women have been the heart and soul of the Stormfans community for years. We as a group wouldn't be where we are today without them.

One of the best representatives of what being a Storm fan is, and she does it on enemy territory. NewSocks and her hubby DirtySocks have been the force behind the Storm at Staples Center for years, and not only do they bring it as fans they also bring it for other fans. They routinely hand out Storm fan paraphernalia so that the Storm faithful down south can get the full Storm fan experience. They also make the trip up to Seattle each season and have become another of those social hubs as they naturally and openly accept other fans into their circle. NewSocks lives and breathes the Storm and has made all of us better fans over the years.