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©2010 is a non-commercial, not-for-profit, fan web site dedicated to the WNBA Seattle Storm.

10th Year Anniversary
in 2010, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary by announcing our All-Decade Team. Click here for more info about these great people.

Follow these links to inactive sections of the site (deactivated April, 2010)

Fanstuff — For the first couple of seasons, we produced event reports for the various fan events the Storm hosted. Eventually, this became unecessary as people used the Forum more and more and posted their own reports. The Fanstuff section houses our reports.

Roster — When we started the site, we were annoyed that it was so difficult to find our players' stats for their non-college or non-WNBA careers. Angie started collecting stats from all over and centralized them in our Roster section. Besides being a gigantic, time-consuming project (figuring out what assists are in Russian or Korean wasn't as easy as you might think), we found that traffic through those pages didn't warrant keeping them up to date. Also, finding international statsis easier these days.

The View — Back in the day, I wrote a few opinion articles. I haven't written another since 2004, so into the archive they all go.

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