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Chat Registration

The Stormfans Chat is only open to those people who have preregistered via the Administrator. Requirements for Chat Registration: 1/ You must be a current member of the Forum. 2/ You must supply the Administrator, via email, a valid email address, your full name and the username you wish to use on the chat. 3/ You must agree, via email, to the Site Rules and Guidelines. The Administrator will process your request and send you a password once you have been added to the user list.

Chat Rules and Guidelines

All Site Rules and Guidelines apply to the Chat. The Chat Moderators are Shed, Trinity and Scott. Any rule or guideline infractions, either in the public chat area or in private message conversations must be reported to the online Chat Moderator or to the Site Administrator immediately. By taking part in any chat, you accept the Site Rules and Guidelines and agree to abide by them. Any persons who have been banned from the Forum are also considered banned from the Chat and will be kicked off if they attempt to join.