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Welcome to The View from the Cheap Seats - a collection of my opinions and observations about the WNBA and the world of basketball in general. As the saying goes, opinions are like ***holes, everyone has one. I am no exception. You are free to take or leave what you read here, it's all just words - and words never hurt anyone, right?

Heart of the Game | April 2004
An inspiring documentary about women's high school basketball and why everyone needs to see it...

Gotta Have Them All | April 2004
Autographs — we all want them, but there has to be a better way for fans to get them...

Lisa and the Dangerfields | July 2003
Lisa Leslie and the Los Angeles Sparks do not have my respect. There are several things you might ask me after hearing a statement like that...

The "W" in the WNBA | June 2001
There’s no diplomatic way to start this column. The W in WNBA pisses me off...

Why We Are Fans | June 2001
If you haven’t figured it out already...